Our rental instruments come with a wide selection of excellent quality and affordable prices. You can choose to rent MONTHLY or opt for a FULL YEAR rental at a discounted rate (with 2 months FREE).

Our selection of rental instruments includes:


  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello

What are the benefits of renting a string instrument?

We are aware that today students start playing at a very young age, switching between different instrument sizes until they reach their final size. Families will have to make a significant financial commitment if they purchase each of these instruments.

Our rental program offers students the opportunity to enjoy higher-quality instruments with a monthly payment that is very affordable for families.

Our website offers rental instruments available exclusively online, allowing you to rent instruments from the comfort of your home.

Rent quickly and easily

At any time you can upgrade to a higher range or change size.

You just have to call us.

If I rent, will I be paying for an instrument that I never own?

Our work policy is very different. Our goal is for musicians to play with high-quality instruments that will educate their ears, and in return, we offer them:

  • 70% of the rental fees paid can be applied towards the purchase of the instrument that you rent.
  • Any other instrument can be purchased by 50% of the rental fees paid.
  • Best quality at affordable prices.
  • High level of customer satisfaction.

What is the quality of the instruments being rented?

 We ensure the highest quality sound by having our expert luthier adjust and check all instruments.

If you are not satisfied with it, you have 5 days to return it (always in excellent condition and in the same packaging as when you received it).