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Want to know how much value your instrument or bow poses? Fine crafts must be examined through the comparative study of design, model, wood attributes, and varnish texture. This ability is acquired by assessing hundreds or even a larger number of instruments, and there is no substitute for an experienced eye. At Clar Fine Violins, we provide detailed written appraisals that will help you to insurance and understand even better your instruments & bows. Contact us about our appraisal services.


We offer hassle-free consignment services. Please click here for more information.


Bring your instrument to our shop and let us take care of open seams, cracks, neck projections, peg bushings, and more. Make your appointment here.


If your instrument is damaged extensively, we can help! Bring your instrument to our shop for a quote. Make your appointment here.


We offer a wide selection of excellent quality and affordable rental instruments. Click Here to learn more about our rates and plans.


A proper set-up is one of the most crucial aspects of an instrument. A well-carved bridge and an adequately fitted soundpost will make all the difference. Contact us to experience why so many satisfied clients praise our set-ups! Make your appointment here.


Several instruments made by Francesc Clar are available in stock. We also have antique, fine, and rare instruments and bows to our disposition. Please contact us to make an appointment to come to our shop and try them!