About Us


We are a violin shop committed to providing our customers with the best possible service to fulfill any of their musical requirements.

Clar Fine Violins has a wide range of services available, including expert appraisals, set-ups, consignments, instrument restoration and repair, rentals, and the production of violins, violas, and cellos.

Meet Our Luthier


Francesc Clar, who was born into a musical family, has been surrounded by music since a very young age, as his father is a professional cello player. At the age of 16, Mr. Clar was introduced to the world of Lutherie by his uncle Vicente Ortz, who is both a professional violin player and an amateur luthier. He gained a year’s worth of general knowledge from his uncle. Following his enthusiasm, Mr. Clar, alongside his father, made the decision to expand his knowledge further.

Mr. Clar spent two years in China from 2007 to 2009. He acquired knowledge on how to set up and repair instruments at Toulo International Inc.

In 2009 he moved to Bottega di Parma, Italy, to pursue a professional diploma in Lutherie under the tutelage of Master Luthier Desiderio Quercetani, with whom Mr. Clar built four violins, one viola, and two cellos.

In 2012, Francesc Clar obtained his diploma, gaining the necessary skills and knowledge to carry on with the rich and antique tradition of lutherie.

Upon completion of his diploma, he returned to his hometown in Valencia, Spain. After working at his father’s violin shop for a few months, he aspired to do more in his career.

As a professional luthier, he returned to China and met many dealers and businessmen in the industry. He came across Mr. Michael Cho and Mr. Robert Ames, who offered him the opportunity to work at their shop in New Jersey, United States.

Upon his arrival in New York in 2013, Mr. Clar started working at the Main Violin shop in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Mr. Ames helped him establish connections with many businessmen in the industry. One of them was the master luthier Carlos Arcieri, who apprenticed and worked alongside the best luthier of the century, Simone Fernando Sacconi, at the legendary Wurlitzer Violin Shop in New York.

In 2014, Francesc Clar began attending weekly instrument restoration classes with the legendary Maestro Carlos Arcieri, who made a great impact on Mr. Clar’s advancement as a professional. Currently, he visits and learns from him often.

Mr. Clar remained interested in learning and improving his techniques and therefore attended the violin restoration workshop held by the Violin Society of America in July 2014 in Oberlin, Ohio.

Since 2014, Luthier Francesc Clar has been the owner of his violin shop “Clar Fine Violins”, which collaborates closely with Robert Ames Fine Violins and Bows. Both stores offer a wide selection of services for both instruments and bows.

Mr. Clar enjoys membership in A.E.L.A.P., which is the Spanish Association of Professional Luthiers and Archetiers.